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    Little Farmer Chicken Fun Doo, Poultry Treat, 3-lb Bag

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    Chicken Treats; mealworms, bugs and shrimp are healthy, natural, high protein snacks for your chickens. Laying eggs, and molting, deplete your flock of proteins yet they need an average of 16% protein in their diet. Chickens naturally search for bugs and worms to add protein to their diet, but they may not be in abundance in your backyard, so treats with bugs, worms and shrimp can offer 40 to 50% protein. ​Treats are a healthy, fun way to interact with your flock family after feeding a complete feed diet.

    We've added chili peppers to our Chicken FUN-DOO treat mix because chickens benefit from the vitamins and the birds aren't bothered by the pepper heat! Chicken FUN-DOO also includes a Non-GMO No Soy complete pellet so if your chicken spends more time eating treats, like a kid who likes candy, they don't know they're getting a complete balanced 16% pellet fortified with flax. We have also included peas for protein, as well as sunflower and safflower to make your poultry feathers shine! 

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    Little Farmer Chicken Fun Doo, Poultry Treat, 3-lb Bag

    $22.79 USD

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