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Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply

1730 Lemon St. Anaheim, CA 92801

Located on the Corner of Orangethorpe Ave and Lemon St.
Right next door to See's Candies.

Store Hours
Monday-Friday, 9am - 8pm
Saturday, 9am - 7pm
Sunday, 10am - 6pm


  • Cheyenne Lyons

Why Limited Ingredient?

Limited ingredient diets are just that, diets that use a limited number of ingredients to create a complete and balanced meal for your pet. Commonly referred to as “hypoallergenic”, these diets are great for pets with chronic dietary allergies and/or sensitivities. These recipes typically have novel proteins, limited starches, and single source proteins.
  • Cheyenne Lyons

Grain Inclusive vs. Grain-Free

Every pet parent has found themselves comparing these two foods - grain free vs grain-in. "Which one is right for my pet?" The first step to answering this question is understanding the ins and outs of both formulations. Continue reading to see how we break down these diets and help you formulate an educated decision on what to feed your pet.
  • Cheyenne Lyons

Raw Pet Food: Is It Right for You?

A raw pet food diet is designed to mimic what our pets would naturally be eating in the wild and has countless benefits. From a glossier coat, to smaller stools, and even cleaner teeth, raw diets make a world of a difference. We offer a wide variety of raw diets in both freeze-dried and frozen on our online platform, as well as in-store. Click in to learn more about incorporating raw into your pet's diet.