Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Buyer Program

I have a Frequent Buyer Program in-store, does that work online?

Yes, you must sign up with the same email you signed up with in-store

When will my Frequent Buyer Program purchases update?

We add all eligible items to your Frequent Buyer Program. Allow up to 2 hours after your order is completed for your bag the history to update. You can confirm your items were added by reaching out to us via phone (714-992-2012) or by sending us a message and we can update you on your progress.

I've reached my free item, can I redeem online?

Free item redemptions must be completed in-store

Curbside & In-store Pickup

What is the cutoff time for same day pickup? How long does it take for orders to be ready?

Orders must be placed by 6pm. Order fulfillment may take up to 2 hours before ready for pickup

When can I pickup my order?

Wait until you receive a ready for pickup notification before you go to the store. Notifications will be text or email. Remember, order fulfillment may take up to 2 hours before ready for pickup.

Where do I pickup in-store?

Go directly to the Customer Service window and inform a team member you're here to pickup an online order. Please have your order number and photo ID available

Where do I pickup curbside?

Drive to the back of our parking lot and park in our designated Curbside parking spot. Call 714-992-2012 and let us know you’re here to pickup a curbside order. We may ask for your name, order number and car description. Please have your order number and photo ID available

Online Delivery

What days are delivery service available?


What's the cutoff time for same day delivery?

Orders must placed before 2pm for same day delivery (Monday-Friday)

Is there a minimum order amount for delivery?

Yes, $10 pre-tax

When will my order be delivered?

Between 2pm-6pm

How much is delivery?

Free delivery with $59+ purchase

Orders under $59, pay a flat rate fee of $6.99.

Where do we deliver to?

Currently these zip codes:

92804, 92835, 92833, 92805, 92831, 90621, 92801, 92832, 92802, 92806, 92870, 92821, 92865         


Where do you leave my delivery?

Your deliveries will be placed at your front door, as discreetly as possible.

How will I know my order has arrived?

You'll receive a text message when your delivery is ~15 minutes away from your house and a confirmation text after delivery

Do you deliver frozen items?

Yes! Your frozen items are wrapped in cool shield thermal sheets and firmly packed in recyclable boxes. We recommend being home for frozen deliveries for best results


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Returns or exchanges are accepted in-store

What's your return policy?

- All returns and exchanges must be done within 30 days
- Food returns need original packaging
- Torn or used toys are non-refundable
- Recovery collars must be returned or exchanged within 24 hours
- Open flea control items and supplements are non-refundable

General Questions

Why are some of your prices different online than in-store?

Some brands have an "Internet Minimum Advertised Pricing (IMAP) Policy". This is the lowest price we can advertise the product for sale online

Why don't I see any CBD products?

We carry a wide range of CBD products in-store, however, CBD and hemp related products are not available for sale online

Are all your products in-store also available online?

Not at this time. We pride ourselves on our wide selection in-store and are working towards making more items available to you to purchase online. If there is an item you'd really like to see available online, please let us know:

Do you have a vet at your store?

No, we do not have a vet or vet services at our store location

Do you carry Prescription Diets?

No, we do not carry any prescription diets

Do you have grooming services?

No, we don't have grooming services at this time

Do you sell live animals (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc.)?

No, only food and supplies