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    Maine Coyote Pee 100%, 12-oz Squeeze Bottle

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    PredatorPee® Real Coyote Urine in liquid or Yard Cover Shakin' Flake granules from Predator Pee. In the wilderness coyotes are a most voracious predator, and coyote scent will terrify many smaller animals. So when you want to get rid of deerraccoons, possums, rats, groundhogs, gophers, iguanas, etc., coyote urine is a most effective natural repellent and deterrent. Coyote Pee stops these pests from eating your garden, damaging your yard, chewing on your shrubs, ornamentals and flowers. It also keep pests like rats from getting into your house. One of the biggest reasons people have been buying Coyote urine from us since 1986 is that the deer problem is huge everywhere. Coyote Urine is not a synthetic chemical or pesticide, Coyote urine is just real, natural pee right from the coyote. It is the only organic, all-natural deer deterrent and marmot repellent. Yard Cover Shakin' Flake coyote urine granules are especially useful in gardens where digging pests like groundhogs and gophers can be a real annoying problem.  Get rid of deer, raccoons, rats, groundhogs and more
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    Maine Coyote Pee 100%, 12-oz Squeeze Bottle

    $27.00 USD

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