General Questions

Why are some of your prices different online than in-store?

Some brands have an "Internet Minimum Advertised Pricing (IMAP) Policy". This is the lowest price we can advertise the product for sale online.

Why don't I see any CBD products?

We carry a wide range of CBD products in-store, however, CBD and hemp related products are not available for sale online.

Are all your products in-store also available online?

Not at this time. We pride ourselves on our wide selection in-store and are working towards making more items available to you to purchase online. If there is an item you'd really like to see available online, please let us know:

Do you have a vet at your store?

There is no vet or vet services at our location.

Do you carry Prescription Diets?

We do not carry any prescription diets.

Do you have grooming services?

No we don't have grooming services at this time.

Do you sell live animals (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc.)?

No, only food and supplies.