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    UCARI Comprehensive At-Home Intolerance Testing Kit For Pets

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    Does your furry friend suffer from itchy skin or digestive disturbances such as vomiting or flatulence, but you don’t know why? A simple, non-invasive test using your pet’s hair will help pinpoint possible food and non-food intolerances. Receive easy to read reports, including personalized insights and actionable next steps.
    • Non-invasive test, just provide a sample of your pet’s hair
    • Suitable for dogs & cats
    • Measuring over 1000+ intolerances, imbalances, and sensitivities
    • Results in two days *after sample received


    Collect at least 10-15 strands of your pets fur and place into the collection bag. Using the prepaid envelope, place the collection bag into the envelope and drop into any mailbox. Results should arrive within 2 days after sample is received.

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    UCARI Comprehensive At-Home Intolerance Testing Kit For Pets

    $79.99 USD

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